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The Rules and Details Post - Golden Sun: The Journal Role-play

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November 18th, 2004

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02:53 pm - The Rules and Details Post
Welcome to the Golden Sun Roleplay Adventure! Here we will roleplay through both games of Golden Sun via the LJ system! There are just a few rules.

1) Membership is not open. I only will make roleplayers members of the community. However, anyone is allowed to watch the community, and all members have posting access in the main page.

2)Unless I know you can do the character, I will require an audition post. It may or may not be passed around to other members for second opinions, but we're not exactly anxious to let in people who don't know how the characters act.

3) If you are interested, email me at sailorflareon@yahoo.com. Be sure to include "GSAdventure Application" somewhere in your subject title. In the body of the email, state what character you're trying out for and include an audition. I will get back to you in the space of three days with a yes or a no; if yes, all you need to do is create a Livejournal for the roleplay and let me know your username so I can add you when you join. If no, you are welcome to try out again, whether for the same character or for other characters.

4) The roleplay begins "Three years later," on the day that Isaac, Garet, Jenna, and Kraden venture into Mount Aleph. You can include sidestories, like visiting Felix in the inn if you'd like, but don't go too far off from canon.

5) OOC behavior is not permitted. The rule here is three strikes and you're out. On the first two mess-ups, you will receive a warning. On the third, there will be no warning and you will be kicked out of the community.

I am, however, more willing to let comment-related slip-ups occur without punishment.

6) If you really prefer a character you play to be called by the Japanese name (ie, Garcia, Picard, Robin), just tell me and I will make it a rule. However, don't try to force other characters to call themselves by their Japanese names as well.

7) All posts and comments are considered in-character unless stated otherwise. A simple [OOC:] tag does wonders.

8) If you wish to do some sort of pairing or relationship, work it out with the player of the other character first. I mean this, even if you are doing an unrequited love situation.

9) Saturos and Agatio will be played by the same person, as will Menardi and Karst. This is do to Saturos and Menardi's death at the end of the first game; that way, the roleplayers can still interact with the rest of the community without ignoring canon.

Open characters:
NPCs such as Feizhi, Hama, the Wise One, and other characters (these can be represented without players, but if people are interested in playing them, they are more than welcome to)

Closed characters:
Jenna/Jasmine (claimed by empress_dots)
Saturos+Agatio (claimed by shadwitz)
Menardi+Karst (claimed by vyctori)
Piers/Picard (claimed by cytrink_dareth)
Felix/Garcia (claimed by rosa_aqufire)
Garet/Gerald (claimed by glorified)

This RP Community is maintained by empress_dots.
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