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November 27th, 2004

01:16 am
Another small update on the character status:

Taken characters:
Isaac (played by yo_san) [no journal as of yet]
Jenna (played by empress_dots) [recklessredhead]
Garet (played by glorified) [spikyredhair]
Felix/Garcia (played by rosa_aquafire) [no journal as of yet]
Piers/Picard (played by cytrink_dareth) [bluepsynergy]
Saturos (played by shadwitz) [proxianhero]
Menardi (played by vyctori [no journal as of yet]
Agatio (will be picked up by shadwitz at the start of the TLA arc)
Karst (will be picked up by vyctori at the start of the TLA arc)
Kraden (maintained by glorified--see below information for details)

Still unclaimed characters:


Undecided [application has been sent, but not decided on yet]:


About the Kraden journal

The Kraden journal will be a weekly (or biweekly) newsletter formatted-journal summing up the events of the previous one or two weeks. This is so that if a user goes out of town or misses some events, they can catch up with fair ease. glorified volunteered the idea, and has also volunteered to maintain the journal as well.

About activity in the roleplay

While I understand that people do have lives, I'd like for this roleplay to not go dead, and so I'd appreciate it if you could post at least once a week or once every two weeks. If something comes up and you're unable to post, feel free to just contact me (sailorflareonREMOVETHISIHATESPAM@yahoo.com) and let me know what's going on, or post your tidbit in the community so the other players have some idea what's happening as well.

Other details

Those who haven't done so already, please make your journals and join the community, along with notifying me of the RP journal's name so that I can add you.

Also, since we now have an Isaac (REJOICE!) we can get started just as soon as anyone feels like posting.

Dots, your friendly neighborhood Spiderman admin

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November 24th, 2004

07:54 pm
A few thoughts:

So, currently the claimed characters are as follows:

Jenna (empress_dots)
Saturos and Agatio (shadwitz)
Menardi and Karst (vyctori)
Garet (glorified)
Garcia (aka Felix) (rosa_aquafire)
Piers (cytrink_dareth)

I'm assuming Rosa wants Felix referred to as Garcia; if anyone else would prefer their character's Japanese name just tell me.

The journals we have so far are as follows:

proxianhero: Saturos
bluepsynergy: Piers

Now, normally, I would just say everyone get started and make your journals. However, we kind of need an Isaac since he's the main character in GS1.

I have talked to people who MAY be interested in the following characters, but haven't tried out/claimed them yet:

Isaac: yo_san
Mia: queenie_z
Alex: the_factionlair

We can hold off on getting an Ivan for a bit, and DEFINITELY hold off on getting a Sheba for now. Kraden, we can live without for a bit. And even if Queenie and TFL decide not to dive in, we can hold off on Mia and Alex for now. But we DO need an Isaac ASAP.

Everyone needs to make their journals if they haven't done so already and get back to me with the usernames so when you join I can add you.

Vyctori and Shadow: Don't worry about making Agatio or Karst's journals for now; we can do that once we get to the TLA arc.

Also, a note: There will be a LARGE amount of canon twisting in the TLA arc, as no one has any idea what Isaac and his party were doing the whole time. While we have a vague idea of what Saturos, Menardi, Alex, Felix, Jenna, and Kraden were doing during GS1, we have no idea what Isaac's gang was doing during the second game. The same can be said of Alex, Agatio, and Karst.

Speaking of TLA, we do have at least one player that hasn't played it yet, and that's our Felix/Garcia, Rosa. Rosa, I need to ask you: will you be terribly mad if there are spoilers? Because there's bound to be at some point. The Proxan players are INCREDIBLY fond of them, due to the motives that come out in TLA, and there are things going on in TLA that are VERY important to Jenna, Felix, and even Isaac. And Ivan as well. So, just to warn you, there's bound to be spoilers at some point, especially in discussions between the Proxans, Felix, and Jenna. And possibly Kraden.

Also, I'm trying to figure out the posting system. I may steal/borrow/use the system used in fe_journalage, a Fire Emblem roleplay, where you write "Filter" at the top of your post to let people know what characters can read it. However, I'd also like commenting to be done according to location, so we can more-or-less accurately roleplay the conversations atop the lighthouses and in places of importance. If anyone has any suggestions on this, I'll gladly take them.

Vyctori: PESTER YO-SAN. We need an Isaac, and he'd make a good one.

That's all for now. Thank you, and goodnight.

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November 18th, 2004

02:53 pm - The Rules and Details Post
Click here for the RulesCollapse )
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